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Easy 1:1 Ratio Silicone Mold Kit - Ideal for Resin Molds - 32 oz (16 oz / 473 ml of both part A + B)

  • DIY CUSTOM SILICONE MOLDING: Combine Part A and Part B at the ratio of 1:1. Stir mixture until color is consistent. Pour immediately into a vessel containing a 3D object of your choice.
  • CURES soft, flexible and strong for an easy mold release.  
    Hardness: Shore A-10 ensures smooth and firmness while stretchable without tearing.
  • WORKING TIME: Mold Making Material sets in 45 minutes. Then, you let it cure for 3 hours at room temperature.
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for casting resin, plaster, wax, soap, clay, prototypes, homemade art projects, architectural details, statues, figurines and anything else you can think of. Compatible with ArtResin epoxy resin.

  • FOOD SAFE: Can be used for casting food materials such as chocolate, candy, fondant, ice, butter, gelatin and more. Extraction test results by a 3rd party lab meet FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.
  • NON-TOXIC: No VOC, No BPA, No fumes, No odor. Made in USA.

Conforms to ASTM D-4236

    The best part of Mold Making Material - how easy it is to use, over and over and over again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between ThickCast and ArtResin?
    ThickCast is a casting resin which is able to be poured up to 3” thick withoutoverheating or discoloring. It can be poured into silicone molds, used for rivertables, and other thick pour applications. Due to its unique formulation, ThickCastcures in approximately 72 hr.ArtResin, on the other hand, is designed as a surface coating for artwork andself-levels at about ⅛”. ArtResin will overheat and discolor if poured in bulk,however it will stay beautifully clear for the long term when used as intended.
    How thick can ThickCast be poured in one shot?
    ThickCast can be poured up to 3” wat once. At 3” depth, the exothermic reactionwill be enough to cure the product within 72 hr but not too much so as to causeyellowing. ThickCast is recommended to be poured ½” at a minimum to promoteproper curing.
    Will ThickCast look clear once it’s cured?
    Yes, ThickCast will look clear once cured. You may notice a hint of straw-likecolor in large casts due to bulking. Bulking is the same phenomenon that allowsyour eye to perceive an ocean as blue but a glass of water as clear.
    What is the shelf life of ThickCast?
    ThickCast is at its freshest when used within 6 months of opening. After 6months, the product will still cure as expected but the hardener may begin toshow signs of oxidation (yellowing)
    Is ThickCast safe to use without a respirator?
    Yes, like its predecessor ArtResin, ThickCast has no VOCs, no fumes, containsno solvents, is BPA-free and can be used without a respirator in a well ventilatedroom.
    Is ThickCast food safe?
    Do you really want to go there at this stage? We have no data or testing on thisyet... I thought it was the same as ArtResin?
    What is the cure time of ThickCast?
    Cure time depends on how thick you pour, as a thicker pour causes anaccelerated exothermic reaction to occur relative to a thinner pour. Use the tablebelow as a guide to determining approximate cure times at various depths.
    Depth Full cure time(approx.)
    0.5” 96 hr
    1” 90 hr
    1.5” 85 hr
    2” 80 hr
    2.5” 76 hr
    3” 72 hr
    What is the working time of ThickCast?
    Working time (AKA pot life) is approximately 23 hr. Working time is affected bythe depth of the pour and the temperature of the room. A thicker pour will lessenthe working time, as will a warmer room.
    Can I add colorants to ThickCast?
    Yes you can add colorants to ThickCast. ResinTint premium pigments, micapowders and other pigments designed for use with epoxy resins will becompatible.