@zeke_handycappin Is Our Instagram Winner for March!

@zeke_handycappin Is Our Instagram Winner for March!

Every month we like to spread the love by sending a 1 gallon kit to an artist who has tagged us on Instagram, and then we share their work with the world!  

Congratulations to artist Zeke Crozier, our first lucky winner for March! Zeke is a Medically Retired US Army Veteran from Spring Hill, Kansas. After his time in the army, Zeke re-invested his passion into creating eye-catching bottle cap mosaic art.  


Zeke started out smashing bottle caps onto a table as an exercise to help him regain motor control after a serious injury. This first project inspired Zeke to continue creating, using art as a way to heal and express himself. He cuts, bends, and manipulates each cap to create the perfect shape for his mosaic. 

ArtResin became an integral part of the process as he noticed the exposed bottle caps began to rust overtime. He found the resin was the best way to preserve and protect his artwork, keeping the caps looking as fresh as the day they came off the bottle.



Inspired by his own experience and healing process, Zeke founded a non-profit, Handy- Cappin', which is "dedicated to helping individuals who suffer from mental health issues, disabilities, and PTSD. Handy-Cappin's mission is to make a difference as a fundraising partner with other organizations to benefit people with disabilities, veterans, and their families." 



You can find Zeke's work on his website www.handycappin.com, on Instagram @zeke_handycappin, and at Handy-Cappin's studio located in Overland Park, Kansas. Check his website and social media for details! 



Congratulations on your win, Zeke!

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